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October 2023 Archive

    1. Invincible's Guardians of the Globe cast is expanding for season 2
    2. Arnold Schwarzenegger puts some of The Terminator's success down to his strong accent
    3. Aquaman 2: How DC Comics' tie-in comic sets up Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
    4. Low-budget survival thriller Fall is getting two sequels
    5. Doctor Who spin-off Tales of the TARDIS coming soon (but you might need a TARDIS to watch it)
    6. Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War: Ending explained
    7. DC Studios' Constantine 2 is still happening and will be "a real rated R version" of the franchise says the director
    8. Modern horror classic It Follows is getting a sequel, and its director and star are returning
    9. RoboCop: Rogue City review roundup: What the critics are saying
    10. New horror movie from Five Nights at Freddy's studio wants you to close your eyes
    11. Disney's Captain Nemo TV show isn't sunk anymore, as AMC rescues it
    12. Kieron Gillen believes that a The Wicked + The Divine TV show or movie is "needed" (but there's a twist)
    1. Adam Hughes and his quest to draw the most beautiful woman ever
    2. "There's no character and there's no story" - Why Barbie movie co-writer wanted out until he didn't
    3. Did you want a different Game of Thrones ending? So did Cersei actor Lena Headey for her character and Arya
    4. Edgar Wright is filming a Running Man reboot, with hopes to film in 2024
    5. Rebecca Yarros' Fourth Wing flies into TV deal with Amazon
    6. Critical Role cast explains who makes them laugh the most, and why ads are a terrifying experience
    7. Critical Role: Matthew Mercer teases future appearance of "underwater nations"
    8. Sesame Street (and many people's childhoods) is about to be "reimagined"
    9. Killers of the Flower Moon is 206 minutes long, and the studio is barring breaks (even if the movie theater wants to give you one)
    10. Lawmen: Bass Reeves is secretly connected to Yellowstone, and here's the explanation
    11. Lawmen: Bass Reeves - How and where to stream this Yellowstone spin-off
    12. Fight Club director David Fincher directing Spider-Man? It almost happened until he called character's origin "dumb"
    13. Five Nights at Freddy's post-credits scene explained
    14. DIE creators Kieron Gillen & Stephanie Hans are reuniting for a “post-apocalyptic fable about giants”
    15. Critical Role's cast come up with a surprisingly dark end to Bells Hells (accidentally)
    16. Yellowstone: How (and where!) to stream the hit western drama (and its spin-offs!)
    1. JETRO Japan Store brings Japanese creations to American and UK fans online at Amazon
    2. Critical Role x Baldur's Gate 3 crossover? Matt Mercer meets the actors behind it and has a few ideas
    3. The Mighty Nein will return, Critical Role cast confirms
    4. Our Flag Means Death star Rhys Darby would love to do more drama
    5. Watch the MCM Variety Show & Cosplay Masquerade!
    6. The most popular new show on Netfix is based on a DC comic, but it's out of print (but not for long)
    7. Watch the Critical Role panel from London's MCM Comic Con!
    8. Five Nights at Freddy's beats Halloween to become Blumhouse's biggest opening weekend hit ever with $130 million
    9. Watch the Chainsaw Man anime cast panel from London's MCM Comic Con!
    10. For All Mankind: How a former astronaut wound up in a Hollywood writers room
    11. Contacts for cosplay: the five best online stores to buy contact lens for Halloween (or anytime!)
    12. Top last minute Halloween costume ideas
    13. 23 Halloween horror movie recommendations (even for the scaredy-cats out there!)
    14. Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama is more "heavily involved" in a new spin-off than he has been in any show since 1995
    15. Joe Hill is leaving comics and his DC Comics horror imprint (but hopes to return someday)
    16. Amazon's Invincible will "never wipe the slate clean" after that bloody season 1 finale, says co-showrunner
    17. Matthew Perry, actor and one of your real-life TV friends, has died
    18. Netflix’s Bodies is a love letter to writers (and a good mindbendy time travel thriller)
    1. Scream watch order: How (and where) to watch the Scream franchise in release and chronological order
    2. 10 folk horror flicks to set the Samhain vibes
    3. Berserk watch order: How to watch Kentaro Miura's anime in release and chronological order
    4. Yes, Ashley Greene knows Twilight's Alice Cullen was your gay awakening
    5. Trend alert: If you're a cosplayer, the answer appears to be dinosaurs
    6. Five Nights at Freddy’s timeline: The horror games’ in-universe chronology and history explained
    7. Warner Bros. "parks" Fantastic Beasts franchise, with director saying five-movie plan wasn't actually the plan
    8. Time for a rewatch: Scott Pilgrim vs the World returns to Netflix next week
    9. Five Nights at Freddy's is the ideal starter kit for a kid wanting to get into horror
    10. We want an R-rated cut of Blumhouse's Five NIghts at Freddy's
    11. Watch the Halo game voice cast panel from London's MCM Comic Con!
    12. Watch the 2024 World Cosplay Summit Championship UK qualifiers from MCM!
    13. Inside Marvel Studios' wild plan to save Daredevil: Born Again (and the MCU's TV future)
    14. Funko’s Funmaker Mike Becker gets serious about giving back to the Comic-Con Museum
    15. Daredevil: Born Again - Everything we know about the new Daredevil series coming to Disney+
    16. Daredevil: How to watch Marvel’s Man Without Fear in release and chronological order
    17. After more than 90 years, the first ever full-length Looney Tunes movie is coming out in 2024
    18. Watch Rhys Darby, Vico Ortiz, & Samson Kayo in conversation from London's MCM Comic Con!
    19. Watch Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, & Jackson Rathbone's MCM Comic Con 2023 panel!
    20. Our Flag Means Death's Samson Kayo "didn't have a clue" at his first audition
    21. Baldur's Gate 3 is the hottest panel of MCM October 2023 (so far)
    22. Tom Cruise or Jesse Plemons? Arrow's Stephen Amell explains his actor dichotomy
    23. Stephen Amell revisits Arrow and the actor in-jokes for Tom Hardy's Bane, the movie Seven, and more
    24. Five Nights at Freddy's characters: Which animatronics (and people) appear in the Blumhouse movie?
    25. Five movies to watch after Five Nights at Freddy's
    26. Jack Black drops trou and sings some Taylor Swift, for a good cause
    27. A-Team meets The Hangover in Cobra Kai creators' new Netflix project Obliterated
    28. With Five Nights at Freddy's in theaters, Chuck E. Cheese will tempt fate with a late night event at all locations
    1. Aquaman 2 can't handle the unstoppable fury of Willy Wonka, apparently
    2. Funko is bringing spooky specials to San Diego for third annual Mask-O-Raid
    3. Five Nights at Freddy's theater showing starts with real-life brawl in the front row
    4. Your favorite pop culture franchises can help your mental health with Geek Therapeutics
    5. Our Flag Means Death Season 2 ending explained
    6. The MCU's secret Multiversal War - what really happened? Loki gives us more answers
    7. Doctor Who shows off the future of the Time Lord at London's MCM!
    8. Game of Thrones director Neil Marshall shares surprise first look at Kill Bill-esque revenge movie Duchess at MCM
    9. Chuck E. Cheese is right to take back the Five Nights at Freddy's crown (at least temporarily)
    1. Superman and Sandman writer Robert Venditti flies into Enter the Popverse this week
    2. Goosebumps The Musical: Everything you need to know about Phantom of the Auditorium
    3. Sophia Coppola noped out of directing the final Twilight movie because of the "weird" baby
    4. Five Nights at Freddy's surprisingly young fanbase is saving the movie from horror obscurity
    5. Eat like you're terrified with the Five Nights at Freddy's Cookbook
    6. Richard Roundtree, star of Shaft for nearly 50 years, has died at the age of 81
    7. Shaft: How to watch every one of Richard Roundtree's movies (and TV shows) as the first black action here in order
    8. Where will Taylor Swift's Era Tour stream? The answer shows how savvy and smart she is
    9. Just how big was NYCC 2023? The official count of every attendee is in
    10. Popverse challenges all of London to a pub quiz at this weekend's MCM Comic Con
    11. Netflix's Squid Game is doing a reality show, and I am having complicated feelings about it
    12. Is the Five Nights at Freddy's movie canon? Here's what we know
    13. Doctor Who 60th Anniversary: When and where to watch
    14. What Our Flag Means Death season 2 finale twist could mean for season 3
    15. Our Flag Means Death season 2 finale: Yes, that really happened
    16. Doctor Who 60th Anniversary: Trailer, release date, cast, and everything else you need to know
    1. Netflix's Bodies ending explained
    2. Believe it: The Ted Lasso Barbie collection is coming
    3. One of the Five Nights at Freddy's puppets "got a little too close" for comfort when director first met him
    4. The top Halloween costumes for 2023 are less creepy, more IP
    5. Writer of Netflix's new #1 show says a second season is unlikely (despite that cliffhanger ending)
    6. London volunteers for tribute with new The Hunger Games stageplay coming in 2024
    7. The Fourth Wing official pronunciation guide, according to author/creator Rebecca Yarros
    8. AMC's The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon season 1 ending explained
    9. Why is Captain America being so weird to the X-Men?
    10. Joe Hill & Gabe Rodriguez have huge plans for new Locke & Key projects (but there's one problem)
    11. The best Spider-Man Halloween costumes on the... web
    12. Boo, Barbie: Let these dolled-up cosplayers inspire your Halloween costume
    13. Arrowverse: how to watch DC's CWverse in release or chronological order
    1. Is Tom Hiddleston's Loki ever going to be allowed to be fun (and evil) again?
    2. Christmas TV movies are down this year (and it's not for the reason you think)
    3. Pluto: Everything we know about Netflix's anime adaptation of Naoki Urusawa's classic manga
    4. Good Omens 3 is closer to happening, despite a co-showrunner's mysterious exit
    5. Five Nights at Freddy's: Inside the animatronic characters, the mythology, and the lore of the game-turned-movie franchise
    6. Five Nights at Freddy's sequel? There's already hope for a trilogy from the actors, director, and studio.
    7. Five Nights at Freddy's movie release date is almost here
    8. Five Nights at Freddy's streaming on Peacock one day early: When and how to watch it
    9. Ram V’s existential approach to Batman
    10. The future of the James Bond franchise is here (and surprising): a 007 reality show
    11. Squishmallows and McDonald's are doing a Halloween collab (But you may not be able to get them)
    12. The Spider-Man 2 game's creative director compares game to Civil War, teases potential threequel
    13. Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy says he feels "empowered" about his new Star Wars movie with Lucasfilm
    14. Void Rivals: Take an exclusive look at covers for the "shocking" end to the Energon Universe's first storyarc
    1. One Piece Dub's Gabe Kunda says one upcoming scene is so intense, he fainted
    2. Sleeping dragons, illustration, and The Nutcracker with Natalie Andrewson
    3. Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part Two: New release date, plot, and more
    4. How to get a McDonald's Boo Bucket
    5. Spawn movie reboot will have the "Blumhouse edge," promises Jason Blum
    6. Mean Girls will be getting a limited-edition pink frosting creamer from Coffee Mate
    7. Five Nights at Freddy's director hypes Matthew Lillard's "iconic" role
    8. The Five Nights at Freddy's age rating isn't what you're expecting
    9. My night of romance at NYCC
    10. Paddington 3: Paddington in Peru release date, cast, and more
    11. Fallout TV Show: The release date, cast, and more behind Amazon Prime Video's upcoming game adaptation
    12. Disney+ needs to do Ms. Marvel Season 2 regardless of the success of The Marvels
    13. Halloween’s Jamie Lee Curtis recalls John Carpenter’s brilliant acting advice
    14. The Doctors Who: How BBC’s timelords presaged the cinematic multiverses by decades
    1. Body count(down): 10 of the horniest horror movies
    2. Star Trek: Another crossover between Lower Decks and Strange New Worlds teased at NYCC 2023
    3. Spider-Man 2 is out on PS5 today... and the devs are already open to a Venom spinoff
    4. Bagel, pizza, or cheesecake: David Tennant addresses New York's most important question
    5. Yes, Cloud is on a Segway in the new Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer, and here's why
    6. The Simpsons: After last Halloween, the bar for this year's Treehouse of Horror is high
    7. Flash Gordon returns to newspapers this Sunday after 20 years
    8. The 10 best rom-coms to watch on Netflix right now
    9. The Marvels: Early predictions put the latest MCU movie's opening down significantly from Captain Marvel
    10. Pokémon Horizons has a new opening theme and it's wonderfully uplifting
    11. No Barbie costumes this year: SAG-AFTRA asks members to keep it generic this Halloween
    12. My Dress-Up Darling manga reaches 10 million copies in circulation, despite nothing ever happening
    13. Good Burger 2 release date: When is Nickelodeon returning to the Home of the Good Burger?
    14. Rebel Moon: Everything We Know about Zack Snyder and Netflix's epic space opera
    15. The secret villain of Marvel Studios’ Loki revealed
    1. Our Flag Means Death understands the importance of DIY queer spaces
    2. Gaze into the Enter the Popverse that never was!
    3. Our Flag Means Death: An appreciation of slow, floundering romance
    4. Five Nights at Freddy's gets sweeter with brand new movie tie-in cookie
    5. The Boys spinoff Gen V gets a second season at Prime Video even before the first has finished
    6. The 10 best horror films to watch on Netflix right this very moment
    7. Goblin Slayer Season 2 finally announces its English cast just one day before the first episode comes out
    8. Spider-Man voice actor teases surprises for Spider-Man 2: "I'm just so excited for people to play the game"
    9. BioShock: Writers are back to work on Netflix adaptation
    10. $130m Hugh Jackman movie coming to Hulu as an even longer six-part drama
    11. Long Shot, a charming rom-com staring Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron, finally finds its audience on Netflix
    12. The Devil on Trial director's unsettling take on Netflix documentary: "Something went on in that house"
    13. Kung Fu Panda: How (and where) to watch the movies and shows in chronological and release order!
    14. Dracula sinks his teeth into special covers for Local Comic Shop Day 2024
    15. We will probably never get a Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe animated film, and that's awful
    16. The Wish release date is coming faster than a shooting star
    17. Still can't get enough Suits? Looks like another spinoff is on the way
    18. Gory delight or undercooked turkey? Netflix's The Fall of the House of Usher divides critics
    19. John Carpenter knows who is human at the end of The Thing, but he's not going to tell you
    1. On Next Week’s Chucky, [spoiler] Dies! (And so does a long-time legacy character, sort of!)
    2. Christopher Paolini teases many more books to come in the Eragonverse
    3. Wolverine: Daniel Radcliffe addresses rumors he's playing the X-Men star... while hooked to a lie detector
    4. Dark Horse Comics announces new hardcover editions, new expansion for fantasy series Canto
    5. The new Raina Telgemeier graphic novel is penciled! We just don't know what it is yet
    6. Slayers: A Buffyverse Story: Emma Caulfield Ford performs "Anyanka Dog" live
    7. Wonka: Who is joining Timothée Chalamet in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory prequel?
    8. Blumhouse founder teases Five Nights at Freddy's plans
    9. It's official: Fede Álvarez's Alien movie has the Ridley Scott seal of approval
    10. She-Hulk reveals the 6 rules all Marvel superheroes must follow during battle
    11. Doctor Strange director's 2014 chiller staring another Marvel alumni is the top scary movie on Netflix
    12. Disney's Wish features a star-studded cast, with Chris Pine, Harvey Guillén, and Ariana DeBose and more showing up
    13. Gemini Man is suddenly popular on Netflix and we really wish it wasn't
    14. Loki director turned a curry house outside London into 1980's Oklahoma for that McDonald's scene
    15. Why does Marvel keep bringing up Spider-Man’s marriage?
    16. Another awful Melissa McCarthy film finds new success on Netflix this month
    17. Kyle Starks introduces the next big small town detective hit in Boom! Studios' Pine and Merrimac
    1. Film, TV, and comics to enjoy during Filipino American History Month
    2. Marvel doubles down on Xenomorph terror with brand new Alien miniseries
    3. Christian Bale, Robert Pattinson, Dave Bautista and more join the English language cast of Miyazaki's new movie
    4. Deadpool 3 director casts doubt on whether the movie will be able to meet its current release date
    5. Martin Scorsese-produced crime thriller enlists Oscar Isaac, Jason Momoa, and Gerard Butler
    6. Tron destroyed Jeff Bridges' glorious hair
    7. Gotham War: Why Batman and Catwoman could never truly stay enemies
    8. Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn reveals why he quit X-Men 3
    9. Martin Scorsese's Killers of the Flower Moon had one surprising inspiration
    10. Oh, bother! Teacher terrorizes fourth-graders with Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey horror movie
    11. Live-action Gargoyles from Saw co-creator and Annabelle writer coming to Disney+
    12. Far Sector returns to anchor DC's second Black History Month special, DC Power 2024
    1. Fall of the House of X: Everything you need to know about the end of Marvel's Krakoan era
    2. Our Flag Means Death Season 2’s gags might be at odds with its themes
    3. Our Flag Means Death season 2 splits up a central relationship from season 1, and it's a little disappointing
    4. Marvel's Spider-Man 2 review roundup: What the critics are saying
    5. At least one member of the Seinfeld cast is confused by the reunion buzz
    6. Invincible's big bad Omni-Man joins Mortal Kombat 1 in a perfect crossover
    7. Dynamite Entertainment has signed a deal for properties including Powerpuff Girls, Thundercats, and more
    8. Rick and Morty's new voices took six months to find
    9. Knives Out 3 director gives positive update on status of Netflix threequel
    10. Netflix's new hit Fair Play has a Knives Out connection
    11. NYCC 2023: Watch the Dragon Ball, Critical Role, Ewan McGregor, and 18 other panels here
    12. Disney+ Goosebumps: Everything you need to know about your new spooky season show
    13. The future of Marvel's Ultimate Universe: What we learned at NYCC
    14. The most epic cosplay from New York Comic Con 2023!
    15. NYCC 2023: What excited us at this year's New York Comic Con
    16. NYCC 2023: Every major announcement made at New York Comic Con this year
    17. Five Nights at Freddy's Director and Producer promise a film for the fans
    18. Is Percy Jackson and the Olympians on Disney+ for kids?
    19. Bill Watterson and The Mysteries collaborator scrapped a year's worth of work before finishing book
    20. Final Fantasy VII Vincent Valentine voice actor announced at NYCC
    1. Matthew Vaughn announces Kick-Ass: The Reboot is on the way
    2. Daredevil himself, Charlie Cox, walked the NYCC show floor in disguise and no-one knew
    3. Yes, that Transformers #1 shocker is for real, and it's not going to change anytime soon
    1. The best original art for sale at New York Comic Con 2023
    2. Peach Momoko will lead Marvel's Ultimate X-Men
    3. Jed MacKay and Pepe Larraz to launch Marvel's big vampire event
    4. Marvel announces first ever Ultimate Black Panther series
    5. Robert Kirkman teases the possiblity of more The Walking Dead alums on Invincible
    6. Show off your nerd knowledge at New York Comic Con's Trivia Night with Popverse!
    7. Marvel's Infinity Paws might be the best announcement of NYCC 2024
    8. Jason Todd lives on in an alternate version of Batman history coming soon from DC
    9. My Hero Academia becomes Squishmallows
    10. John Constantine, Hellblazer, returns to DC in January 2024
    11. Lore Olympus Returns For Series Conclusion in 2024
    12. New Image imprint Giant Generator signs 12 Marvel and DC artists for future projects
    13. Luffy is the biggest thing at New York Comic Con (literally)
    1. 2000 AD announces definitive Art of Steve Dillon collection
    2. Five Nights at Freddy's director teases surprise franchise character in the upcoming movie
    3. NYCC: Follow along with DC's Coming Up In the DC Multiverse panel from New York Comic Con
    4. Amulet creator Kazu Kibuishi says he "may" be working on an Amulet movie
    5. Someone call John Carpenter to do a Godzilla movie - he's ready
    6. Dav Pilkey to tackle book banning and Dr. Fredric Wertham in his next guaranteed NYT best-selling comic
    7. Mark Hamill is the terrifying breakout from Fall of the House of Usher
    8. Watch the Disney+ Goosebumps panel from New York Comic Con 2023
    9. Former Marvel flagship writer Jason Aaron takes over DC's Action Comics
    10. Chip Zdarsky's The All-Nighter is coming back for one last bite at the big time
    11. New York Comic Con 2023's Artist Alley is a showcase of Tumblr creators
    12. Eli Roth's Thanksgiving panel from NYCC 2023 has been cancelled
    13. Loki on Disney+: Someone inside the MCU: is trying to end the Marvel Multiverse
    14. Orphan Black: Echoes teaser trailer offers a first look at Krysten Ritter in action
    15. Dragon Ball Daima announcement surprised even the cast members
    1. Miss Minutes could come to the 616 universe, Marvel’s editor-in-chief says
    2. Interview with the Vampire season 2 first look scene and new images debut
    3. The Walking Dead: Michonne and Rick return in new teaser from The Ones Who Live
    4. Like the character, E.T. the Extra-Terrestial's design was magic at its finest
    5. Netflix's Fall of the House of Usher: All the major Edgar Allan Poe references you might have missed
    6. The Fall of the House of Usher's ending explained
    7. Funko spares no expense with its Heavy Metal Halloween-themed area at NYCC
    8. Dragon Ball Daima Anime announced by Toei Animation
    9. Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson's long-awaited return polarizes fans
    10. At this point, Marvel Studios' Daredevil: Born Again shouldn't be a TV show - it should be a movie
    11. Is the Frasier revival as bad as we all feared?
    12. How Scooby-Doo led to one of the all-time cult-classic horror films
    13. Yu Yu Hakusho, Netflix's next anime adaptation, gets December release date
    14. Saw X director says the studio probably "regrets" killing off Jigsaw in Saw III
    15. Watch the official Dragon Ball Special Panel from NYCC 2023
    16. Watch the Critical Role panel from New York Comic Con 2023!
    17. Rob Liefeld posts proof-of-concept trailer of long-rumored Bloodstrike movie
    18. Geoff Johns, Bryan Hitch, Gary Frank, and more team up for a new imprint at Image Comics
    19. DC revives the fan-favorite Elseworlds imprint in 2024
    20. How to watch NYCC 2023 panels
    21. See all the Funko exclusives at NYCC 2023 (There are quite a few)
    22. Rapper Kid Cudi drops news of his first comic - based on the hidden story behind his music
    23. R.I.P. Keith Giffen
    24. Our Flag Means Death: Who was Anne Bonny, the real-life pirate with a strange legacy
    1. Star Wars: After Ahsoka, what upcoming Star Wars project are you most excited about?
    2. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial was always the alien we wanted to take home with us (and now we can)
    3. Marvel Studios' Daredevil: Born Again is probably being delayed a full year
    4. Daredevil: Born Again's original plans for Michael Gandolfini seemingly revealed
    5. Crunchyroll may owe you $30. Why? A class action lawsuit
    6. Totally Killer took inspiration from your favorite 80s heart-throbs to scare your pants off, according to director
    7. Bill Watterson calls collaboration with The Mysteries' artist John Kascht “appallingly inefficient and wasteful”
    8. The Japanese voice of Goku is awarded major literary honor in Japan
    9. Zac Efron is looking ripped as heck in the first trailer for wrestling drama The Iron Claw
    10. IDW Publishing continues to rebuild with hiring of new marketing director Aub Driver
    11. Oni Press rolls out new era (and new publishing line)
    12. Star Trek: Prodigy picked up by Netflix, with all-new episodes debuting in 2024
    13. Daredevil: Born Again - Marvel releases head writers, directors as it retools the Disney+ series
    14. Matt Kindt goes to war in sci-fi epic with Dan McDaid: If You Find This, I'm Already Dead
    15. Inside Mark Waid's massive DC plans (and they're only getting bigger)
    16. Mel Valentine Vargas on adapting Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass into a graphic novel
    17. Viewers can't get enough of this new erotic thriller topping Netflix
    18. Here's why Totally Killer, a new 80s slasher, is murdering streaming charts
    19. Tatiana Maslany is taking on multiple roles in Invincible season 2 ala Orphan Black (and that's a good thing)
    1. Biker Mice from Mars, Power Lords, and Robo Force to return in 2024 from Nacelle Company and Oni Press
    2. DCU's Lobo might look awfully familiar: Aquaman Jason Momoa is in talks for the role
    3. Dr. Seuss' world expands to comics with a brand-new line at Random House Graphic
    4. There's a new way to read comics on your phone: GlobalComix now has an Apple and Android app
    5. The Princess and the Frog Disney+ series Tiana finds its lead writer and director from the Netflix horror show Midnight Mass
    6. Heat 2 confirmed as next movie from Michael Mann, Adam Driver involvement likely
    7. Chuck E. Cheese's CEO (and Mr. Munch) is flattered by comparisons of Five Nights of Fun event to Five Nights at Freddy's
    8. Breaking Bad creator is reteaming with Better Call Saul's Rhea Seehorn for a new sci-fi show
    9. Turns out, lots of people wanted to see Loki season 2, according to Disney
    10. Superman goes to therapy (and it's about time)
    11. Pluto: Adapting Naoki Urasawa's manga for the screen "was very difficult," iconic Producer Masao Maruyama says
    1. Is Marvel's Daredevil antisemitic? Jewish rabbis, professors and interfaith scholars speak out over new comic
    2. Frozen director shares exciting update on upcoming third installment
    3. Sorry, Breaking Bad fans: We're not getting a Heisenberg Jr. spinoff
    4. The Exorcist: From the original to The Exorcist: Believer, how to watch the series in order
    5. The Crown's final season gets not one, but two release dates (and a trailer!)
    6. Martin Scorsese applauds Barbie and Oppenheimer's Barbenheimer phenomenon as a cinematic "perfect storm"
    7. Guillermo del Toro almost did a Jabba the Hutt Star Wars movie - here's why it never happened
    8. Kermit the Frog and the Five Nights and Freddy's movie have one surprising connection
    9. Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four movie director reveals plans once the Actor's Strike is resolved
    10. Vault Comics reveals stunning 2024 creator line-up including John Jennings and Slash from Guns N' Roses
    1. James Wan and Jason Momoa tackle a sea-quel: What we know about Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom's release date
    2. Follow DC Comics' Multiverse panel live from NYCC 2023!
    3. Critical Role's Matt Mercer is here for dating advice
    1. Spy x Family movie release date: Everything we know
    2. Chuck E. Cheese is tempting fate with a Five Nights at Freddy's parody event
    3. An Attack on Titan character is coming to life to talk about the upcoming finale
    4. Eli Roth's Thanksgiving release date is going to gobble you up
    5. Saw X - Does the horror midquel have a mid-credits scene?
    6. How scary is Five Nights at Freddy's? The horror film's age rating is the same as Barbie
    7. David Beckham playfully teases wife Victoria's claims at a "working class" childhood in Netflix show
    8. It’s spooky season, yet Netflix’s top scary movie is a classic family ghost story
    9. Taylor Swift's Deadpool costume was cooler than yours
    10. Five shows to watch while you're waiting for the next episode of Disney+'s Loki
    11. Follow Batman (and friends) sweep into NYCC 2023 with Gotham City Confidential
    12. Marvel's Spider-Punk is a sell-out, twice over, thanks to his Spider-Verse 2 movie appearance
    13. What are we at Popverse enjoying this weekend?
    14. NYCC 2023: Just how much would it take to go to New York Comic Con?
    15. Banned Book Spotlight: The Magic Fish shows how people communicate when they feel like they can’t
    16. Spy x Family season 2 release time and date for Crunchyroll
    17. Loki season 2 showed us the end of the MCU – but what did we really see?
    18. Loki: Sylvie's headed towards familiar territory for comic book fans
    1. What to watch after Only Murders in the Building on Hulu
    2. Watch the official Final Fantasy VII Rebirth panel from NYCC 2023!
    3. Marvel Studios' Loki season 2 debuts today - but Our Flag Means Death's return is Popverse fans' choice for the weekend
    4. Martin Scorsese's Western crime epic Killers of the Flower Moon release date is sooner than you think
    5. Viewers and critics disagree about Justin Timberlake movie that's currently #1 on Netflix
    6. BEASTARS mangaka draws TMNT to celebrate Mutant Mayham's Japanese release
    7. The next Mobile Suit Gundam anime has a trailer that's light on plot and heavy on action
    8. Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman's 19% Rotten Tomatoes comedy is a bonafide hit on Netflix
    9. Netflix's Scott Pilgrim anime release date isn't far away
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