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June 2023 Archive

    1. Popverse celebrates Pride!
    2. What are we all enjoying this weekend?
    3. Watch The voices of Genshin Impact's Fu San'er and Lumine talk about the hit game with London MCM fans
    4. Indy 5: The Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny ending explained
    5. As Captain America 4 wraps production, Anthony Mackie warns studios of disaster if actors strike happens
    6. Is the MCU the ultimate Ultimate Marvel Universe?
    7. Family Style: Thien Pham on the "nervewracking" aspect of publishing a personal story
    1. These Secret Invasion Easter Eggs may foreshadow something sinister coming to the MCU
    2. Miami! Get ready for the next Florida Supercon, as we have the 2024 FSC dates
    3. Strange New Worlds' Trial of Number One speaks to my experience as a gay Catholic priest
    4. San Diego Comic-Con 2023: Where are the big booths on the show floor?
    5. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds reintroduces the universe's time police
    6. Indiana Jones actor John Rhys-Davies warns AI is coming for his job (and yours!)
    7. Why Marvel Studios is skipping Hall H and San Diego Comic Con
    1. "It's just been a thrill": Jim Cheung on seeing members of the Young Avengers assemble in the MCU
    2. Secret Invasion: Everything you need to know about Nick Fury’s wife, Priscilla Fury
    3. Three more editors leave CBR, continuing exodus pattern
    4. Superman writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson joins Enter the Popverse to talk about the Man of Steel
    5. 2000 AD and Judge Dredd will rewrite British comic history this fall with a merger no-one saw coming
    6. Penguin Random House unveils Inklore, a new imprint aimed at bringing manga, manhua, and manhwa to western fans
    7. Marvel clarifies Mary Jane Watson’s marital status (and why they tried to hide it)
    8. Marvel's Nick Fury: How to watch Samuel L. Jackson's MCU super-spy in release and chronological order
    9. The Witcher season 3: Understanding Milva, played by Meng’er Zhang of Marvel's Shang-Chi
    1. Are Mission: Impossible and Fast and Furious the same movie series? No... really!
    2. Evil revisited: Tom King and Mitch Gerads reimagine the Joker’s murderous debut
    3. Superman: Legacy finds the new onscreen Man of Steel and Lois Lane
    4. If you like Indiana Jones, you'll love these recommended comics, movies, and TV shows
    5. Anime Expo: What to eat near the Los Angeles Convention Center
    6. The Witcher’s Eamon Farren and Anya Chalotra have a fun joke on-set - that they should play each other's characters!
    7. What to expect from Funko at San Diego Comic-Con 2023
    8. Justice League Dark gets its own deck-building game courtesy of Cryptozoic, DC, and... you?
    9. All Valiant properties to be published by the NY-based Alien Books moving forward
    10. Lord of the Rings: The War of Rohirrim: Plot, cast, release date and more
    1. SDCC 2023: Just how much would it take to go to San Diego Comic-Con?
    2. Drag Race México hosts Lolita Banana and Valentina declare it is a "melting pot of emotion"
    3. Roaming is a love letter to the painful parts of growing up
    4. DSTLRY announces new series from creators including James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, Becky Cloonan, and more
    1. Expect Spider-Verse 3 to be delayed, according to one insider on the project
    2. Netflix, Sony, HBO, Universal, Lucasfilm, and Disney are joining Marvel Studios in skipping SDCC 2023 Hall H and other panels (and others may be on the fence)
    3. What are we all at Popverse enjoying this weekend?
    4. Star Trek: Prodigy canceled at Paramount+, but may live on elsewhere
    5. The story behind that Nicolas Cage Superman cameo (and the spider) in DC's The Flash movie
    6. Watch Five Nights at Freddy's stars Kellen Goff and Marta Svetek from Security Breach from MCM May 2023!
    7. The Adventure Zone guide: how to listen to the McElroy podcast franchise in chronological order
    8. Vault Comics reveals release dates for the sexy time-travel romp Sainted Love and YA mystery Lone
    9. "Weird and dark, but fun" Ed Brubaker offers insight into the new, trippy noir adventure Night Fever with Sean Phillips
    1. Want to be a pro wrestler? The trainers & students behind the Al Snow Wrestling Academy share a one-hour Pro Wrestling 101
    2. Namor actor Tenoch Huerta appears to be pausing his movie career to combat sexual abuse allegations
    3. Secret Invasion: The mystery hiding in plain sight for the new Marvel MCU show on Disney+
    4. The voice of Naruto, Maile Flanagan, creates the ultimate list of BEST Naruto fights, characters, and more!
    5. Star Trek: The long shadow of Khan looms over this week's Strange New Worlds
    6. Who is the Rhino? Learn about Spider-Man’s foe ahead of his appearance in Sony's Kraven the Hunter
    7. The best female superheroes from comics, movies, and TV
    1. Who is Marvel's Sonya Falsworth? Inside The Crown's Olivia Colman and her MCU role
    2. How the Marvel Universe is reacting to (and ignoring) Ms. Marvel’s death
    3. There's a classic McDonalds birthday party being thrown for a comic publisher: WEBTOON
    4. Black Adam writer Christopher Priest says Warner Bros. Discovery had heavy input - even on the jokes
    5. How Ultimate Invasion #1 sets up the return of Marvel’s Ultimate Universe
    6. Who do you trust? Marvel admits that it used AI to create Secret Invasion titles
    7. Sony pulls Spider-Man spin-off movie El Muerto from its release schedule
    8. DC's Blue Beetle writer and Drag Race Mexico hosts are coming to Enter The Popverse
    9. Get a glimpse at the future of sci-fi comics with an exclusive XINO preview
    10. Star Trek: The 10 best Star Trek comics from Marvel, DC, IDW Publishing, and more
    1. Marvel Studios to skip Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con 2023
    2. Never Have I Ever nabs Netflix's global top English TV slot, with new season of Black Mirror debuting at #2
    3. Barbie skates: Now available for the most stylish of Barbie fans
    4. The hierarchy of power in the DC universe has just changed in DC's Black Adam finale.
    5. Follow the Warner Bros. Japan x WIT Studio panel announcing their joint project from Anime Expo 2023
    6. Rare Flavours: Inside Ram V and Filipe Andrade's reunion after the hit comic The Many Deaths of Laila Starr
    7. Will James Gunn's Superman: Legacy casting buck the oddly fascinating Superman lead actor trend of the last 17 years?
    8. Inside the Our Flag Means Death strike: An "unreal" day brings together showrunner David Jenkins, cast, writers and fans
    9. Change in perspective: Why Nightwing is DC’s most experimental comic
    10. James Gunn says he's "blown away" by Superman: Legacy auditions to date
    11. Sandman: Dead Boy Detectives writer talks about his secret origin with the franchise
    12. Secret Invasion: Everything you need to know about Marvel's upcoming Disney+ miniseries
    13. Batman Day is almost here, and DC isn't the only company celebrating this year
    14. What If… Captain America went to Community's Greendale?
    15. Marvel's Skrulls: Understanding Marvel's shapeshifters before MCU's Secret Invasion on Disney+
    1. Kraven the Hunter: A trailer as bland as the villain's on-screen outfit
    2. Is Viz Media raising prices on its manga volumes?
    3. The Witcher's Eamon Farren explains how season 3 is the "turning point" (and "breaking" point) for Cahir
    4. The Marvels: How (and where) to watch Captain Marvel's MCU adventures in release and chronological order
    5. Fast X ending explained (and what it means for the Fast & Furious franchise)
    1. DC's Man of Steel, 10 years later: a Superman film prettier (and better?) than you remember
    2. Watch an hour-long interview with Love & Rockets Gilbert Hernandez
    3. Could The Flash speed into a sequel even as the DCU is being rebooted onscreen?
    4. Our Flag Means Death writer attends Our Flag Means Strike event through felt-portation
    5. MCM Birmingham returns in winter 2023 - Here's the dates for the UK show!
    1. The new IDW targets webtoons, crowdfunding, podcasts, more, as ownership to turn company around
    2. Harrison Ford has the hat & whip (but lost the thrill) in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny
    3. Dav Pilkey's Cat Kid Comics Club returns in a big way, with a new graphic novel - and a musical!
    4. Sabrina the Teenage Witch gets two new nemeses this summer, courtesy of Archie Comics
    5. Queer comic creators talk their hopes, helps (and fave new reads!) for Pride
    6. War Journal returns, but this time it's not Marvel's Punisher - it's DC's Green Lantern, John Stewart
    7. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2: The plot, cast, release date, trailer, and more ahead of the new season
    8. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' season 2 premiere mixes rocking out with mental health
    1. Marvel's Carnage just invaded Bill Watterson's Calvin & Hobbes (and other comic strips) in latest Marvel crossover event
    2. Ms Marvel co-creator G. Willow Wilson wants to make orcs sexy (again) with IDW's The Hunger and The Dusk
    3. Marvel Studios and DC Studios put streaming shows on hold due to WGA Strike
    4. Watch Brendan Fraser and Oded Fehr reunite (and reminsce) about The Mummy 2+ decades later
    5. The iconic Spider-Man artist John Romita Senior dies at age 93
    6. Void Rivals: why the first issue was more than meets the eye, and what that means going forward
    7. Hasbro just secretly relaunched Transformers & GI Joe into its own universe - orchestrated by Robert Kirkman
    8. Nimona movie: The cast, trailer, plot, release date and more for Netflix's adaptation of ND Stevenson's comic
    9. Washington, DC is declaring June 16 'Awesome Con Day'
    10. Loki: How to catch up with Tom Hiddleston's Marvel trickster across the MCU
    11. The Prowler: Inside Spider-Verse 2's surprising villain (and his variants)
    12. Sandman's Dead Boy Detectives writer Pornsak Pichetshote is coming to Enter The Popverse
    1. Spider-Gwen: How a one-off variant became one of Marvel's biggest modern new heroes
    2. One of America's greatest novelists, Cormac McCarthy, has died at age 89
    3. Why can't Nimona the movie look like Nimona the comic book?
    4. The Flash: Take a look at the new covers (and some interior pages!) from Wally West's new Dawn of DC series
    5. “Every day is a learning experience”: A conversation with the new IDW CEO Davidi Jonas
    6. IDW is about to reveal the "tremendous loss" of several million dollars which precipitated the company reset
    7. Disney announces a new Star Wars movie, and delays Marvel's Phase 5 and Phase 6 plans as well
    8. The rise of the Wall: Behind Amanda Waller’s Dawn of DC villainous turn
    1. The son of manga legend Osamu Tezuka is using AI (and human creators) to continue Tezuka's classic manga Black Jack
    2. CBR layoffs: What led to the firing of three-quarters of their editors (and what happens next)
    3. CBR news editor Noah Dominguez quits following layoffs of much of the site's senior management
    4. Trash pandas get some love in upcoming kids comic The Racc Pack from Whitney Gardner & Stephanie Cooke
    5. Marvel's Ultimate Universe revival isn't the fresh start it wants to be
    6. Miles Morales stars in a new Spider-Verse animated short, The Spider Within
    7. Barry Windsor-Smith home and recovering after stroke and eight days in ICU
    8. Comic writer and artist Ian McGinty dies at age 38
    9. Watch the full Harvey Guillén spotlight panel (with a surprise special guest!) from MCM Comic Con 2023!
    10. DC's The Flash movie: The cast, the trailers, the release dates, the controversy, and more behind the next big live-action superhero film
    1. What are we all enjoying this weekend?
    2. Birds of Prey returns for the Dawn of DC featuring a whole new team
    3. Is Marvel's Spider-Gwen trans? The Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse speculation explained
    4. Watch the Kodansha USA & Yen Press Power Hour panel from MCM Comic Con
    5. Yes, we filmed the McElroy family's NYCC 2023 panels!
    6. Magic, mermaids, and misunderstood characters: Kat Leyh chats about her graphic novels
    1. Ben Sisko was always my Star Trek captain
    2. It's official: Marvel is relaunching its Ultimate Universe
    3. Alan Scott wasn't always the Green Lantern; a DC Pride: Through the Years sneak peek
    4. Marvel TV writer J. Holtham chats writing rates and what the WGA is fighting for
    5. Inside Teen Titans' new World's Finest book by Mark Waid & Emanuela Lupacchino - The plot, the preview, the covers, and more
    6. DC announces free DC Manga Sampler for this summer as part of a major promotional push
    7. Star Trek: Lower Decks' security chief Shaxs lives his best, violent life in a new one-shot comic this fall
    8. The goals of Scholastic's pioneering Graphix imprint, according to its founder/publisher David Saylor
    9. Good Omens is the show for queer people today
    10. The Witcher cast: Who you can expect for season 3
    1. "Is ComiXology going away?" and other important questions about Amazon's digital comics platform answered
    2. Big Barda is joining DC's Birds of Prey
    3. Watch the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2 panel with Rebecca Romijn, Ethan Peck, Celia Rose Gooding, and Melissa Navia
    4. Florida Man unmasked: Marvel reveals Loki’s role behind the headline phenomenon
    5. DC Pride 2023 #1 sells out, gets a rush reprint
    6. Acclaimed black comic creators assemble for horror anthology SHOOK! from Dark Horse & Second Sight
    7. Trigun: How (and where) to watch the space western anime
    1. Why does DC publish so many Batman books? We asked the people who decide
    2. Cliff Chiang has returned to his 'New 52' Wonder Woman run for one amazing new cover
    3. Comic artist Steve Lieber is a fine teacher, even when his students are less than engaged
    4. Mrs. Kasha Davis dishes on her RuPaul's Drag Race return and leading with kindness
    5. Give peace a chance: Behind the reinvention of Peacemaker
    6. Our Flag Means Death writers ask fans to join them on picket line for some "polite menace"
    7. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds's Spock is "more human" than most other versions according to the man who plays him, Ethan Peck
    8. Ms. Marvel co-creator G Willow Wilson joins Enter The Popverse to talk about new creator-owned comic
    9. The Witcher season 3: When the new season (both parts) hits Netflix, down to the minute
    10. Stardust returns in new special by by Van Jensen, Mike Allred, Francesco Francavilla, Derf Backderf, and more
    1. Across the Spider-Verse: Is the MCU part of the Spider-Verse?
    2. Artist's thoughts: Shawn Martinbrough and his favorite movies and shows he's seen recently
    3. The director of Stephen King's The Boogeyman movie, Rob Savage, pulls back the curtain on the Disney horror movie
    4. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse ending explained
    5. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse dramatically outperforms Into the Spider-Verse in its opening weekend
    6. LGBTQ+ comics you should have on your book shelf
    1. Upcoming new Star Wars movies, tv shows & cartoons: 2024 release dates and more
    2. Burger King's Spider-Verse Burger: We ate it, so you don't have to
    1. Spider-Punk: Everything you need to know about the Spider-Verse’s anarchic hero
    2. What are we all enjoying this weekend?
    3. Meet the first true love of DC's original Green Lantern Alan Scott (and also retcons a major part of the hero's mythos)
    4. The Riddler: Year One, a peek into the penultimate chapter of Paul Dano and Stevan Subic's limited series
    5. Erik Burnham on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Saturday Morning Adventures becoming an ongoing series
    6. How Sailor Moon inspires Hayley Gold's graphic memoir on anorexia, Nervosa
    1. Across the Spider-Verse: how to watch as much Spider-Man as possible
    2. Explore the line between life and death in an exclusive preview of the Black Box Chronicles
    3. Nick Fury just quit the Marvel Universe
    4. Image Comics' workers union files Unfair Labor Practice charges against the comics publisher