November 2022 Archive

    1. Venom is Spider-Man’s roommate, and it’s not going well
    2. Marvel adding Black History Month team-ups to its February 2023 plans
    3. James Cameron thinks complaints about Avatar not being memorable are "an irrelevant argument"
    4. Pioneering cartoonist/editor Aline Kominsky-Crumb has died at age 74
    5. The empowering potential of cosplay: Yaya Han shares her story, and how she helps others
    6. Disney makes anime deal with Kodansha it calls a "game changer"
    7. The Sandlot actors Grant Gelt and Victor DiMattia talk 30 years of The Sandlot and their non-profit organization Play Forever
    8. Movies worth watching in December 2022: One movie, per streamer
    9. DC and Amazon working on "big deal" for animated projects on Amazon Prime Video
    10. A look back at London's MCM Comic Con and how it compared to years past
    1. Princess Peach jumps into action in the new Super Mario Bros. trailer
    2. Peter David needs your help
    3. Is DC Universe Infinite Ultra a game-changer for comics streaming platforms?
    4. Eminem partners with Spider-Man and Marvel for another comic collaboration
    5. Eminem's Marvel variant sells out in minutes, with an even more limited edition version now on-sale
    6. Pretty much all of Vertigo Comics has been added to DC Universe Infinite Ultra
    7. Willow is coming to Disney+ so Popverse's fantasy expert Ashley V. Robinson shares 5 things you need to know
    1. Cosplay gift guide: 10 recommendations for the cosplayer in your life
    2. Los Angeles Comic Con CEO Chris DeMoulin on the convention's biggest year yet
    3. TurtleMe on his face reveal, the symbolism of The Beginning After The End, and Gundam
    4. Frank Miller to adapt Hugo Pratt's Corto Maltese for TV
    5. The differences between Harley Quinn and Punchline, according to Batman
    1. In the name of the queer: Sailor Moon's LGBTQ legacy
    2. Five Spider-hero comics to read that aren’t about Peter Parker's Spider-Man
    3. Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special - the endings, the credits, and more explained
    4. A hardcover edition of Klaus by Grant Morrison & Dan Mora is being Kickstarted by BOOM!
    1. Give the gift of subscriptions - streaming services, digital comics apps, and mystery boxes galore!
    1. Thai ghost stories come to haunt Sandman mythos in Dead Boy Detectives
    2. Artists, Writers & Artisans forms new Creative Council to guide its upcoming output
    3. Finally, someone has made western comics-themed jeans (with a matching jacket)
    4. Anime NYC cosplayers were out in full force this year
    5. Why the return of Superman's secret identity might be larger than the Man of Steel
    6. Manga creator TurtleMe makes his first public appearance ever at Anime NYC
    7. Enter the no-holds-barred world of video game nostalgia in Super Trash Clash
    8. A longtime Marvel Universe character just became the new Death
    9. Have a very weird holiday season with this off-kilter gift guide
    1. Attack on Titan's Hajime Isayama brings laughter, revelations (and a few tears) to Anime NYC
    2. "I'm Ready" for Spongebob Squarepants' first crossover event The Tidal Zone
    3. Which is more important to fans: Marvel, or the people behind the brand?
    4. The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special soundtrack is on its way
    5. Vault Comics' new series Godfell delivers high fantasy on a scale you've never seen
    6. Significant Other's significant cast and crew spill the beans on Paramount+'s hiking horror
    7. Oni Press quietly moves into turnaround mode
    8. DC, Marvel, and more: The best superhero comic collections to give to loved ones for this holiday season
    9. Marvel reimagines Arcade's Murderworld into its own version of Squid Game
    1. Dike Ruan feels amazed to be here
    2. Marvel Studios finds a new writer and director for Mahershala Ali's Blade
    3. MCM Comic Con London 2022: Be there from anywhere with filmed panels, celebrity interviews, and showfloor reports
    4. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever breaks $546m over the weekend
    5. Watch the improv comedy show The George Lucas Talk Show in its NYCC 2022 performance
    6. Indiana Jones 5 will feature a young Harrison Ford fighting Nazis once again
    7. Eight great kids graphic novels to gift for the holiday season
    8. The Bayview Four Chat One of Us is Lying season 2
    9. Vans has a Sailor Moon collection, and there's a Luna backpack!
    10. The perfect phone case for a pretty Guardian: Sailor Moon x CASETiFY
    11. Inside the never-before-seen '90s Sailor Moon anime/live-action hybrid show
    12. Disney calls Bob Iger out of retirement as new CEO following stock drops, layoffs, more
    13. Sailor Moon read order: how to fight evil by moonlight the right way
    1. Jason David Frank of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fame has died at age 49
    1. Dawn of DC - How DC is taking advantage of how much you miss your favorite heroes
    2. Chris Hemsworth sees an end for the MCU's Thor in the future
    3. A friend to the end! The cast of Chucky discuss staying alive in the upcoming season
    4. Exclusive: Los Angeles Comic Con announces main stage panels including Lord of the Rings, The Sandlot, The Boys
    5. Queer comics & graphic novels to gift this holiday season
    1. Prey and why streaming movie exclusives can work
    2. Watch the New York Comic Con Charity Art Auction benefiting St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital
    3. Marvel's Silk is going to be a TV hero, thanks to Sony, Amazon and MGM+
    4. Chainsaw Man English dub cast and director discuss the "bloody" good series
    5. Star Trek Mission: Seattle convention canceled by Paramount and ReedPop
    1. Looking back at the original Spider-Man Clone Saga with its creator, Gerry Conway
    2. Build your own Gundam model with Bandai at MCM Comic Con... we did!
    3. With Wakanda Forever in theatres now, it’s time to show off your Black Panther pride
    4. Archie Comics adds a new character to the Riverdale mythos: Cassie Cloud
    5. Disney might have found the star for its first Alien movie: Cailee Spaeny
    6. Felix the Cat jumps comic publishers to be flagship of new kids comics imprint from Rocketship
    7. My Hero Academia’s Luci Christian talks her favorite VO roles
    8. Who is Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine?
    9. The Walking Dead read order: The Walking Dead universe in release and chronological orders
    1. The Rocketeer flies back into comics with an one-off issue featuring work by Adam Hughes, Jae Lee, and more
    2. How Walter Simonson’s Thor run made the Marvel character a worldwide hit
    3. "There's not going to be four Batmans" at DC, says Warner Bros Discovery CEO in new comments
    4. Dark Crisis: Young Justice’s return Is more self-aware than it appears
    5. Marvel brings Thor and WandaVision's Darcy into the comic book universe
    6. Black Panther: a history of the mantle
    1. How the war between Namor and Black Panther began
    2. Namor: Everything you need to know about Marvel's first character and the MCU's newest antihero
    3. Zine librarian Jenna Freedman chats about the Barnard Zine library and why every grrrl's story is important
    4. James Tynion IV heads to Dark Horse Comics with new imprint
    5. Stranger Things creators tease the final season of the show: "We did get our executives to cry"
    6. Four ways House of the Dragon is different Than Game of Thrones
    1. Studio Ghibli and Lucasfilm will release a Grogu short film on November 12
    1. Let's Play creator parts ways with WEBTOON
    2. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever ending explained
    3. DC Studios: How James Gunn and Peter Safran are re-making the DC empire for movies, TV, animation, and games
    4. Geoff Johns paints DC's New Golden Age line as a great murder mystery bridging the past, present, and future of DC Omniverse
    5. Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman, has passed away at 66
    6. Watch the Pennyworth cast and crew spill the beans behind Batman's butler's hidden past
    1. One Piece Film: Red explores emotion and relationships with chart topping music
    2. DC delays Waller vs. Wildstorm miniseries to next year
    3. DC expands the Sandman Universe with a new Nightmare Country series in 2023
    4. More Sandman comics in 2023? DC Comics teases something new "unfolding"
    5. Want comics based on Lord of the Rings, Borderlands, and Deus Ex? So does Dark Horse Comics
    6. Keanu Reeves vs. Donnie Yen in amazing new John Wick Chapter Four trailer
    7. Studio Ghibli teases Lucasfilm collaboration
    8. Mary Pope Osborne chats Magic Tree House, graphic novels, and literacy
    9. Legacy reforged: The WildC.A.T.s relaunch in the DCU
    1. How did the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie get made? Watch the NYCC panel to get answers here
    2. AMC Networks to publish Persian White by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Bill Sienkiewicz in 2023
    3. Why Andor feels more mature than other Star Wars (and no, it's not body count)
    4. One Piece Film: Red director Goro Taniguchi discusses "new" and "fresh" approach to latest film
    5. How to make the most of your holidays, via mixing fandom and advent calendars
    6. Rest in Peace, Carlos Pacheco
    7. R.L. Stine terrorizes NYCC - stream his Goosebumps panel here!
    8. Marvel is already working on multiple Disney+ spin-offs from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
    9. Indiana Jones and the quest for a Disney+ spin-off show
    10. How to watch Indiana Jones in order
    11. Watch the full Star Trek comics panel from NYCC '22 with Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Liana Kangas, Heather Antos, JK Woodward, Chris Fenoglio
    12. Bucky Barnes discards the Winter Soldier moniker for something new: the New Revolution
    1. 15 times Pink Floyd and Marvel referenced each other
    2. Superman: The Man of Steel and his son have The Talk
    3. Asian and Pacific American cultures, creators, and fans take center stage at New York Comic Con 2022
    4. A new crowdfunding campaign aims to restore 1947's All-Negro Comics to comic book history
    5. DC's Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #6: Joshua Williamson and Daniel Sampere tease a grand finale
    6. Stranger Things director and producer Shawn Levy in talks to direct a Star Wars movie
    7. Fantagraphics signs with LibraryPass for digital comics in school libraries
    8. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever finds its emotional center in remembering what Wakanda has lost
    9. Is a piece of Darwyn Cooke's beloved DC: The New Frontier becoming part of mainstream DCU canon?
    10. Watch DC's Superman panel from NYCC 2022 with Dan Jurgens, Joshua Williamson, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Mark Russell and Alex Segura
    1. One Piece Film Red opening weekend domestic box office is seven times bigger than the previous film in the franchise
    2. Black Adam, Michael Corleone, Charles Foster Kane, and Darth Vader: the eerie parallels between four iconic characters
    3. How the late Kevin O'Neill changed comics for the better
    4. Doom Patrol's Joivan Wade, Michelle Gomez, and April Bowlby on what to expect in the show's new season (maybe)
    5. Watch Hallmark's Pop Culture Connection panel from New York Comic Con 2022
    6. James Gunn teases "the Biggest Story Ever Told" at DC Studios in the future
    7. Kevin O'Neill, artist best known for work on 2000 AD and League of Extraordinary Gentleman, has died
    8. Dwayne McDuffie and the power fantasy of superhero comics (and the cosmic armbar)
    9. DC in Concert dates announced-- tour to kick off in London next year with Matt Reeves' The Batman
    1. Ram V dives in the world of Aquaman: Andromeda
    2. HBO cancels Westworld
    3. It's Marvel vs. Monkeys in February as Marvel unveils Planet of the Apes variant cover program
    4. At the Los Angeles stop of her tour, Kate Beaton shares Ducks through the history of the mines, a slideshow presentation, and music
    5. Vault Comics announces new graphic novel line Headshell
    6. James Earl Jones’ greatest line deliveries as Darth Vader
    7. Drawing for all ages (with professional cartoonists!) at New York Comic Con
    1. Warner Bros Discovery CEO teases new Superman, Harry Potter movies
    2. Image Comics signs new distribution deal with school library program LibraryPass
    3. Stream the Water, Earth, Fire, Air Avatar panel from NYCC
    4. Godzilla is coming back with a new movie from Lupin III: The First director
    5. Exclusive Sneak Peek: Bob Phantom returns to Archie Comics (with a special guest)
    6. Janet Varney and Dante Basco share their wackiest Avatar fan theories
    7. Netflix's Sandman will be returning for a second season
    8. Aubrey Plaza is the latest actor to join Marvel's Agatha: Coven of Chaos
    9. Looking back at The Mummy, Brendan Fraser feels "a sense of nostalgia"
    1. The pop culture of all things: Chatting with proprietors of NYC comic shops at NYCC 2022
    2. Secret Invasion: One of the Avengers has been replaced by a Skrull – but which one?
    3. Watch Netflix' Manifest panel from NYCC '22 with stars Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, and more
    4. Watch the full Sandman panel from MCM with Tom Sturridge and Mason Alexander Park
    5. Marvel announces 2023 Free Comic Book Day titles, teases possible Uncanny Avengers revival
    6. The new trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water is all about the visuals
    7. Chatting with Sina Grace, the Rockstar of Rockstar and Softboy
    8. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever's Ryan Coogler reveals what was in the movie's original draft
    1. Legal charges against Stan Lee's business manager dropped by judge
    2. Batman/Joker: The Deadly Duo’s History of Team-Ups
    3. Comic artist Simon Roy returns to his webcomic roots with Griz Grobus
    4. Heartstopper's Joe Locke joins Marvel's WandaVision spinoff Agatha: Coven of Chaos
    5. Remembering Vincent Kukua, comics artist, professional, and community member
    6. Ta-Nehisi Coates to host six-episode podcast tying in with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
    7. Federal judge blocks merger of Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster
    8. Indie anthology Off Into The Sunset gains a second life on social media, thanks to its creators
    9. Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo talk the road to Nightwing #100
    10. This Month in Comics History: Mephisto grants Peter Parker One More Day