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January 2024 Archive

    1. Remember when Elmo met Steve from Blue's Clues? Steve Burns shares the story behind the epic meeting
    2. Watch the Kingdom Hearts panel from MCM Birmingham now!
    3. Watch MCM Birmingham's Saturday night Cosplay Showcase here!
    4. Stream the MCM Birmingham 2023 Variety Show and Cosplay Masquerade from anywhere in the world
    5. Watch Fort Solis's Roger Clark and Troy Baker in conversation about the hit horror adventure game
    6. Watch MCM Birmingham 2023's Cosplay Showcase!
    7. Is Joker: Year One his new origin story? DC says yes, the writer says no, but we say it may be what he deserves
    8. Sesame Street's Elmo learns what real (loveable) monsters we all are thanks to social media
    9. Star Wars' Billy Dee Williams is coming to ECCC 2024
    10. That time Li’l Abner creator Al Capp was in talks to do a cover for an underground comix anthology
    11. One Tree Hill's Chad Michael Murray & James Lafferty are coming to Chicago's C2E2 2024
    12. Former DC publisher Dan DiDio talks about his DC past and his future with Frank Miller
    13. Disney+'s Percy Jackson and the Olympians ending explained
    14. Dredd, one of the best comic book movies of all time, is leaving Netflix at the end of February
    15. Netflix's Griselda ending explained (and why it feels so off, according to the co-creator)
    16. Watch the best, brightest, and BTS at ECCC 2024's Hit the Stage K-Pop Dance contest!
    17. Marvel's Captain America gets the Batman: Dark Knight Returns treatment with Avengers: Twilight
    18. Poll: What is the best streaming service?
    19. The 25-year One Piece anime schedule is a testament to the height of shonen anime - just like the anime itself
    20. Bad Bunny's Marvel debut is officially shelved as El Muerto movie comes back to life (but without him)
    21. Disney's Minnie Mouse is celebrating Galentine's Day with Boxlunch
    22. X-Men: The Animated Series’ Rogue had a political career as controversial as her mutant character
    1. Marvel: The 6 best MCU movies & TV shows ever (according to me)
    2. After a bad 2023, Marvel & DC are doing less superhero movies this year - and that's a good thing!
    3. Marvel's X-Men vs. Avengers: The top battles for supremacy inside the Marvel Universe
    4. House of Flame and Shadow is out now! Watch Sarah J. Maas discuss 'Crescent City' and more
    5. Seattle's ECCC 2024 welcomes Penguin Random House, Oni Press, Clarion West, and more
    6. Jessica Jones' Krysten Ritter is slyly campaigning (or is it teasing?) for her Marvel MCU debut
    7. Henry Cavill evokes Inglorious Basterds in the trailer for Guy Richie's The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare
    8. For Star Wars to live, the CGI actor must die.
    9. Poll: Who is Agent Argylle?
    10. Despicable Me 4's first trailer makes it look like a better Incredibles movie than Incredibles 2
    11. Argylle: How Matthew Vaughn cast his family cat in his Henry Cavill spy movie
    12. Even princesses of Hell fail sometimes, as shown in this exclusive clip from Prime Video and A24's Hazbin Hotel
    13. It's 26 Days until Sex and the City hits Netflix
    14. Argylle: The Henry Cavill meta-spy movie's main mystery is who is Argylle (if it's not Cavill)
    15. In 2024, Marvel Studios & Marvel Comics are getting R-Rated, adult, and explicit
    16. DC's Justice Society of America is growing into a "global organization" in 2024 says writer Geoff Johns
    17. DC's new Supergirl is House of the Dragon's Milly Alcock
    1. Dav Pilkey's Dog Man is finally making his cinematic debut in 2025
    2. The Bear's Ayo Edebiri drops out of Marvel's Thunderbolts, but there's already a replacement
    3. South Korea's government rolls out ambitious plan to grow its comics by $1 billion dollars in 5 years
    4. X-Men: The Animated Series voice actress addresses how the cartoon handled Jubilee’s Asian heritage
    5. Invincible lawsuit between Robert Kirkman and Bill Crabtree has been settled
    6. Netflix's Loudermilk is a hit - and its backstory is even more tragic (and meta) than its Ron Livingston's character's
    7. Duncan Jones' Rogue Trooper movie is very alive, with the cast finally announced
    8. New Dragon Ball Daima first look show little Goku getting into trouble and filling his belly
    9. The first trailer for the new My Hero Academia movie has a surprise All Might imitator wreaking havoc
    10. Disney aims to revamp Buffy the Vampire Slayer (with help from Dolly Parton)
    11. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is coming to Netflix soon - let's all celebrate Andre Braugher
    12. Geoff Johns dishes on the machinations of DC and his future with Ghost Machine
    13. The Avengers' best-selling comic ever isn't by who you think (it's Rob Liefeld)
    14. Marvel Studios has outgrown the name 'Marvel Cinematic Universe,' so we have an idea
    15. Celebrate One Piece on March 12 with manga publisher's big plans
    1. The Rings of Power cast share who has read the Silmarillion
    2. Shaman King watch order: How to watch and read the iconic manga in order
    3. Understanding Marvel's four major X-Men mutant classifications
    4. Hobtown Mystery Stories is coming back, in color, from Oni Press starting this April
    5. Watch the Addams Family movie reunion with Christina Ricci and Christopher Lloyd from Seattle's ECCC 2024
    6. Smallville's Erica Durance shares the #1 thing fans tell her at conventions
    7. Addams Family alums Christina Ricci & Christopher Lloyd are coming to Seattle for ECCC 2024
    8. The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live release date: When is the Michonne and Rick show coming out?
    9. Naruto: All the new and upcoming manga, anime, and live-action movies & TV shows on the horizon
    10. Netflix's Ransom Canyon: When we think the Yellowstone-esque Western might hit our screens
    11. Can't wait for Ransom Canyon on Netflix? Check out the huge book series first
    12. Ransom Canyon cast: Who is starring in Netflix's new Yellowstone-esque modern Western romance?
    13. A sneak peek at what's coming from Avery Hill in 2024
    14. Poll: What 2024 Marvel movies & TV shows are you looking forward to most?
    15. Did you buy a Marvel Comic recently? If so, your comics may have "isolated printer flaws" and are owed a free replacement copy
    16. 2024's Ultimate Spider-Man #1: The surprises, the spoilers, and the hopes of the Parker family and a very alive-and-well Uncle Ben
    1. Can you have a good time at Disneyland as a casual parkgoer?
    2. X-Men: Designer Tom Muller pulls back the curtain on his memorable logo redesign
    3. Chris Evans is coming to Seattle for ECCC 2024
    4. Sarah's Scribbles author is getting existential (and coming full circle) in new book, Adulthood is a Gift
    5. The Shonen Jump app shows that digital comics don't have to suck
    6. Station 19 fan petition to save the show from cancellation passes 60000 signatures
    7. Jaime Lee Curtis played a surly waitress in an early screen appearance on Columbo
    8. Palworld's success proves Pokémon fans deserve an official MMO
    9. Popverse readers more likely to eat meal from raccoon chef than rat chef
    1. 2023 in movies & TV: The most popular shows & movies on Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video aren't what you'd think
    2. How Marvel is setting up the return of one of their biggest characters
    3. The Mandalorian: Grogu's evolution from defenseless baby to fierce warrior
    4. Netflix's newest hit is a testament to the dangers of making films based on fads
    5. Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks' World War II series bears witness to the horrors, and brotherhood, of war
    6. The Bear's Jeremy Allen White isn't aiming for the MCU after winning Lead Actor at the Emmys
    7. Argylle eschews Matthew Vaughn's rated-R successes for "softer" PG-13 rating, but for good reason
    8. Alex Segura returns to the scene of the comic book crime with new novel Alter Ego
    1. Judge Dredd faces "big repercussions" from the current Defund the Police storyline, tease writers
    2. Wrestling legend Sting returns to Chicago for C2E2 2024
    3. AEW top star MJF is returning to Chicago for C2E2 2024
    4. Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3 will feature a return no one saw coming
    5. Stranger Things season 5 cast: Who is in the final season of the renowned Netflix series?
    6. Queer hardboiled detective reigns supreme in this exclusive excerpt from Tina Horn and Lisa Sterle's DEPROG
    7. The White Lotus season 3 cast: Who stars in the next chapter of HBO's hit series?
    8. Even without Margot Robbie, today's Oscar nominations serve as a reminder of a great year of movies
    9. AEW's world champion Samoa Joe is coming to Chicago for C2E2 2024
    10. Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender unleashes fiery new trailer
    11. Invincible season 2 part 2 release date: When is Prime Video's hit animated superhero series returning?
    12. Boom! Studios bends reality and cartoons with new series Uncanny Valley
    13. If you liked Saltburn, then Netflix's upcoming stylish queer thriller may be for you
    14. New Jurassic World film in development, with original Jurassic Park scribe ushering franchise into new era
    15. Kieron Gillen, Zoe Thorogood, Chip Zdarsky, Amanda Conner, Jhonen Vasquez and more: the full ECCC 2024 Artist Alley line-up
    16. How to watch Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks' World War II movies and TV series
    1. Our Flag Means Death's marketing was concerned about the shock of violence in the show
    2. The Bear: What to watch (and read!) after this show leaves you starving for more
    3. Marvel's Blade-centric vampire crossover with Avengers gets bigger with Blood Hunt Diaries
    4. Marvel announces polybagged comics with more violence for mature audiences
    5. Doctor Who: Why Millie Gibson's departure shouldn't come as a surprise
    6. Where does Han Solo go to the bathroom?
    7. Thunderbolts star Sebastian Stan says the movie will start shooting really soon
    8. Echo's Vincent D'Onofrio wants to play Kingpin for "as long as the powers that be will have me"
    9. Tron: Ares finally starts filming and recruits a major TV legend
    10. Watch Overwatch voice actors behind Ashe, Tracer & Sigma gush about the game
    11. Watch the Baldur's Gate 3 panel with Neil Newbon (Astarion) and Devora Wilde (Lae’zel) from MCM Birmingham!
    12. Watch Rooster Teeth's RWBY stars talk about the hit (and hopes for a sesason 10!)
    13. Watch Legend of Zelda's titular voice actor & co-star who voices Teba talk about the hit franchise
    1. Fist of the North Star watch order: How - and where - to watch the legendary post-apocalyptic anime
    2. The Powerpuff Girls: How to watch all the series, specials, and the movie
    3. Minions & Despicable Me: How (and where) watch Gru and the Minions' adventures
    1. Pixar's Ratatouille, the state of media journalism, and why I'm a critic
    2. Poll: Who is the best MCU villain of all time?
    3. Fellowship with Lord of the Rings' Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, & John Rhys-Davies at Seattle's ECCC 2024
    4. Jodie Foster confirms that she nearly played a much younger Princess Leia in original Star Wars
    5. Ransom Canyon, Netflix's own Yellowstone-style modern Western drama, adds three new cast members
    6. Henry Cavill's meta-spy thriller Argylle was interesting ... until I saw that trailer
    7. Argylle cast: Who is joining Henry Cavill in the upcoming spy-thriller?
    8. Argylle release date: When is Henry Cavill's meta-spy adventure hitting theaters and streaming services?
    9. Our Flag Means Death fans launch Times Square billboard (and more) in series renewal campaign
    10. Poll: Which 2024 movie are you most excited about?
    11. Watch the Cosplay Central Crown Championship regional qualifier from Seattle's ECCC
    12. Watch Cosplay Central's Costume Showcase from Seattle's ECCC 2024!
    13. DC is teasing its big 2024 event, and it's a surprise "30 years in the making"
    1. 2023 in movies: The most popular films in theaters of 2023 were pink, playful, and in one case, both pre- and post-atomic
    2. Blizzard is reviving World of Warcraft's much-beloved bible to its complex continuity
    3. Willem Dafoe pinpoints a problem with how streaming platforms change the way we watch movies
    4. After Five Nights at Freddy's, Chuck E. Cheese is extending its pop culture comeback with a reality contest show like Squid Game
    5. A Dune Part 2 Preview is Coming - But Only to IMAX Theaters
    6. Is the Golden Age of TV over? It is according to Sopranos creator David Chase, and here's why
    7. Stuck on your Our Flag Means Death fanfic? The OFMD AU Generator can help
    8. Who could replace Lorne Michaels at SNL? According to him, it could "easily be" Tina Fey
    9. Finally, a new Monogatari anime is confirmed (and based on some great material)
    10. Archie is making a sequel to its satanic rock 'n roll saga The Cult of That Wilkin Boy
    11. Boy Meets World's Will Friedle recalls how Batman Beyond helped him grow as an actor
    12. System Universe, Dungeon Crawler Carl, Defiance of the Fall and more LitRPG hits coming to comics
    1. For All Mankind just pulled off one of the greatest heist stories ever - IN SPACE!
    2. The secret origin of Marvel's Bizarro Spider-Man Rek-Rap goes all the way back to the '80s
    3. The MCU timeline: What happened when in all of Marvel Studios' Sacred timeline, including time travel and dimension-hopping
    4. Netflix's Beef is one of the biggest shows of the moment, and both its creator & director are on Marvel Studios' Thunderbolts - what could possibly go wrong?
    5. Is the Marvel Spotlight banner what Marvel Studios claimed it was for the MCU? Not based on what happened this week
    6. Poll: Which 2024 TV show are you most excited about?
    7. 2023 in TV: The most popular shows of 2023 demonstrated the importance of appointment viewing for linear TV
    8. One Piece voice actors behind Monkey D. Luffy, Brook, Usopp, and Nami are sailing to Chicago’s C2E2 2024!
    9. Lift soars high above competition as Netflix's first original hit of 2024
    10. Marvel Studios' Kingpin is now "enlightened" and has new goals says Vincent D'Onofrio
    11. Kingpin actor comments on MCU continuity problems within Echo & Daredevil
    12. Marvel & DC art from Jack Kirby, Frank Miller, more is revealed to have been fed into Midjourney AI without the companies or artists' permission
    13. Conan the Barbarian relaunch reveals April 2024 plans (and some amazing covers)
    14. When Marvel Studios decided to make Netflix's Daredevil part of the MCU canon again, according to the Kingpin himself Vincent D'Onofrio
    15. School is about to begin (again)! Abbott Elementary season 3 release date and episode release schedule
    16. Percy Jackson and the Olympians finale ending: Charting when exactly the finale release date is
    17. Our Flag Means Death's "numbers weren't there" for renewal says MAX's boss - but it is welcome to sail to another platform
    1. Whodunnits are a thing once again; that might be a problem
    2. The Eisner Awards never figured out how to recognize journalism, and now it's given up
    3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book relaunch recruits Avengers and Action Comics writer Jason Aaron
    4. The Wire's David Simon weighs in on the Defund the Police movement
    5. This isn't the first time the Eisners killed the Comics Journalism category
    6. Mean Girls: Who from the original and the Broadway musical is in the new movie?
    7. Bong Joon-ho's Mickey 17, starring Robert Pattinson, no longer has a release date, but there's an upside
    8. Stranger Things season 5 isn't bringing one fan-favorite character back
    9. Robert Downey Jr. says his Iron Man role is some of his "best work" ever despite bias against the genre
    10. She-Hulk star Tatiana Maslany doesn't think season 2 will happen (and she and explains why)
    11. How Kurt Russell collaborated with son Wyatt Russell to play shared role in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
    12. And the 2024 Emmy Awards winners are...
    1. What Disney+'s Echo tells us about Daredevil: Born Again
    2. Petrol Head: Look under the hood of the hit Image Comics series with creators Pye Parr and Rob Williams
    3. Veronica Roth is coming to Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con 2024
    4. Warner Bros. didn't know what to do with Our Flag Means Death, even when they had it
    5. Fantasy is forever, The British Library argues
    6. Action Comics writer Jason Aaron wants to write Superman again (and we'd love to read it)
    7. You can buy Nicole Kidman's sparkly AMC suit... if you have $5,000 to $10,000
    8. Seattle, welcome Image Comics, Rebecca Yarros, Oni Press, and more with ECCC 2024's first wave of panel announcements!
    9. Masters of the Air: How the World War II drama might intersect with Band of Brothers and The Pacific
    10. DC's Batman, Nightwing, Katana, and more have big plans for Spring Break 2024
    11. Batman and Superman writer Jason Aaron shares how deep (and weird) his DC fandom is
    12. Emerald City Comic Con 2024's best cosplayers, from Spider-Men to Hazbin Hotel and more
    13. Tom Cruise will take to the skies once more as Top Gun 3 is currently in the works at Paramount
    14. How Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga started life as an anime
    15. Our Flag Means Death: Online petition calling for renewal of cancelled series reaches 30000 signatures
    16. Killers of the Flower Moon: Where to stream Martin Scorsese's Oscar contender
    1. Action Comics' Jason Aaron opens up about his exit from his Marvel exclusive, what he sees in the DCU, and what he wants to do next
    2. Shrek: Here's how to watch the movies, the shorts, the TV show and more (Puss N Boots included!)
    3. 2000 AD: The work required to keep the Galaxy's Greatest Comic on its weekly schedule
    4. For Star Wars' The Mandalorian & Grogu movie to be a success, Lucasfilm must break their winning formula
    5. Marvel turned DC writer Jason Aaron is working on something surprising for Marvel right now
    6. Marvel Studios' Netflix shows Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Punisher, and Defenders are back in MCU continuity says Disney+ (even Iron Fist)
    7. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers alums Amy Jo Johnson and David Yost are coming to Chicago's C2E2
    8. Star Trek prequel movie, set "decades before" the J.J. Abrams films, is currently in development
    9. 28 Days Later creators reunite to develop trilogy of sequel films, starting with 28 Years Later
    10. James Gunn narrows down his search for Supergirl, with three actresses currently in the running
    11. DC re-elects Prez with new story (and new push for 2016 comic)
    12. Game of Thrones showrunners explain why their Star Wars film was cancelled - and it isn't why you think
    13. Percy Jackson and the Olympians Poll: Which Camp Half-Blood cabin would you be in?
    14. The Walking Dead goes to war in first trailer from Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira's new show
    15. Masters of the Air release date: When is the WWII drama series due to land on Apple TV+
    16. Transformers recruits Jorge Corona to join Daniel Warren Johnson on Image, Skybound & Hasbro's hit reboot of the franchise
    17. Invincible co-creator Robert Kirkman is being sued for breach of contract by the book's former colorist
    1. Remembering the greatness of Batman Beyond on its 25th anniversary, with the cast themselves
    2. Marvel Studios' Echo ending explained
    3. Kingdom's season 5 premiere is delayed one week (but for a good reason)
    4. Studio Ghibli finally tells us why they didn't do any real promotion for Hayao Miyazaki's The Boy and The Heron - and its bold
    5. Dorohedoro season two gets official announcement - four years after the first season aired
    6. Che Guevara and Marie Antoinette are in love in a fascinating new romcom manga called Sharehouse Nile
    7. Wednesday is Netflix exclusive no more - its coming out on classic home video this year
    8. Our favorite horror filmmakers Mike Flanagan & Kate Siegel are coming to Seattle's ECCC 2024
    9. Update: The most popular comics awards, the Eisners, drops Journalism (but not Memoir) as category for 2024
    10. Bunt! - An exclusive excerpt from Check, Please! creator Ngozi Ukazu's newest project
    11. Marvel Studios has made a powerful surprise change to Echo, spoilers ahead
    12. Tom Cruise has joined the Warner Bros. Discovery family for new movies (and working on some of the studio's biggest franchises)
    13. You can add 'prose author' to Keanu Reeves' resume
    14. Marvel's Echo creator David Mack takes us inside the character's comic origins and MCU future
    15. Inside the minds of the Judge Dredd writers putting him (and Mega-City One) inside a 'Defund the Police' style storyline
    16. Addams Family: How and where to watch all of the spooky, ooky movies and TV shows so you don't get too kooky
    17. Our Flag Means Death canceled in a "premature end" by Max & Warner Bros. Discovery
    1. Neopets to revamp its classic game. First step? Fix the economy
    2. We almost got an R-Rated Mean Girls movie in 2004 - here's what was cut for a PG-13 rating
    3. Star Wars' Ahsoka is officially returning for a second season
    4. Star Wars' The Mandalorian is ditching Disney+ for his own movie (and taking Grogu with him)
    5. How Scott Lang saved Marvel's Ant-Man
    6. Mean Girls release date: When is the Mean Girls musical movie coming to theaters and streaming?
    7. Natalie Portman finally meets her Star Wars son Mark Hamill (and he's even more excited than she is)
    8. Marvel Studios' Echo & What If co-star Devery Jacobs responds to "egregious" comments about Native American characters in MCU
    9. What went wrong with DC's New 52, according to former CCO Geoff Johns
    10. Amazon Prime Video's Criminal TV show cast is about to be announced "soon" according to Ed Brubaker
    1. Were Scream’s original killers secretly a couple? Matthew Lillard spills the beans.
    2. Seminal crime comic Criminal getting TV adaptation from Amazon Prime Video
    3. Even Percy Jackson & the Olympians: star Walker Scoball forgets his lines sometimes (and tells us about it cheekily)
    4. Quentin Tarantino: How two watch the filmmaker's two cinematic universes in release and chronological order
    5. DC's Superman villain Bizarro is finally getting some self esteem from writer Jason Aaron
    6. What do Lil Nas X and Martin Scorsese have in common? Their next projects are all about Jesus
    7. 1920s Harlem renaissance crime noir drama the Winterfields to make surprise debut one year early
    8. Why Marvel Studios changed Echo's Indigenous heritage in the MCU
    9. The surprising reason HBO dropped Masters of the Air despite it being a thematic sequel to Band of Brothers and the Pacific
    10. Disney+ might not show you Marvel Studios' Echo, but we have a fix
    11. Stranger Things season 5 begins filming as Netflix shares first official look at reunited cast and crew
    12. Kingpin actor Vincent D'Onofrio says Daredevil: Born Again will restart production "soon"
    13. Guillermo del Toro's Frankenstein gets Saltburn's Jacob Elordi to replace Andrew Garfield in Netflix feature
    14. 12 Years a Slave screenwriter John Ridley once developed a "really weird" Eternals TV series
    15. Mark Waid wants to reunite with DC's Justice League for World's Finest: JLA
    16. DC is changing Superman adversary Bizarro's powerset in a major way this week
    17. Five Nights at Freddy's star Josh Hutcherson says he's "dying to get back on set" for FNAF sequel
    18. Marvel Comic-Con: Inside Marvel’s first official convention
    19. Christian Ward is (almost) finished drawing comics for other writers
    20. Rocky: How to watch the Rocky / Creed franchise in release and chronological order
    1. Forget Young Sheldon, CBS calls for Young Gibbs in prequel series to NCIS
    2. Metallic Rouge: How genre allows creators to dig into "more challenging themes"
    3. Patrick Stewart's Jean-Luc Picard to return in a Star Trek movie of his own
    4. Marvel Studios' Echo incorporates multiple sign language types in the show, including Plains Indian Sign Language.
    5. Andrew Scott discusses the magic of cosplay and how it's similar to acting
    6. American Born Chinese refuses to be canceled by Disney, and is looking for a new home
    7. Marvel Comics & DC Comics: Decoding the Volume, the Velocity, and Value that makes their businesses work
    8. Space Battleship Yamato returns with first of 7-movie series in 2024, Forever Yamato: Rebel 3199
    9. It's the final whistle for Captain Tsubasa manga as its creator Youichi Takahashi announces his retirement
    10. Watch adorable mice tear each other apart in new manga, Nezumi Royale
    11. We could be welcoming Krysten Ritter's Jessica Jones back into the MCU in just days
    1. Percy Jackson's creators share what it was like working with Rick Riordan
    2. Which of the actors behind Disney+'s Percy Jackson show belong in Athena's Cabin? The lead trio decide!
    3. Jason Aaron & R. M. Guéra's Scalped started life as a reboot of a DC western hero from the '70s
    4. Judge Dredd faces the hard truth in exclusive 'A Better World' preview
    5. The Rock is aiming for his next challenge: making "films that matter"
    6. Is Marvel backtracking and putting Netflix's Daredevil, Jessica Jones and more back in the MCU? A Marvel Studios exec says so
    7. The long-lost '90s Mad Max TV show might be the greatest TV show never made
    8. Marvel's What If...?: One season two episode got cut for being too depressing (and we kinda want to read it)
    9. Watson becomes a solo act in upcoming CBS drama based on Sherlock Holmes' famous sidekick
    10. Leave The World Behind and Pretty Woman is the Netflix double feature we didn't know we needed
    11. Disney+'s Percy Jackson fans are baking blue cookies, here's why
    12. Ex-Marvel actor Steven Yeun still wants to do an MCU movie one day, but admits he "probably pissed off too many people" there
    13. Brandon Lee's The Crow returns this year in a glorious 4K HDR edition
    14. Popverse this January: Here's some of the exclusive interviews and articles members are getting this month!
    1. Captain America, what's in those belt pouches? Marvel finally gives us the unexpected answer
    2. The Color Purple movie musical leaves its queer romance in the background - to the movie's detriment
    3. Even Percy Jackson & the Olympians: star Walker Scoball forgets his lines sometimes (and tells us about it cheekily)
    4. Ryan Gosling is totally up for performing I'm Just Ken at the Oscars - and he's surprisingly affordable
    5. Disney surrendered its box office crown in 2023... but why?
    6. Jack Black is set to rock your blocks off (get it?) in the upcoming Minecraft movie
    7. Doctor Who: A group chat of ex-Doctors is helping Ncuti Gatwa navigate the pressures of being the new Time Lord
    8. Our Flag Means Death: Rhys Darby says becoming a merman was "the highlight of the whole season for me"
    9. The Color Purple is the best movie musical since Chicago
    10. Director of upcoming Star Wars movie says she's excited a woman is finally shaping the story... but that's been happening a long time
    11. The First Omen trailer offers spooky synchronization with our first movie Antichrist
    12. DC confirms Ram V's Detective Comics run will end in September, with the writer promising "the metaphorical death and rebirth" of Batman
    13. Echo season 1 release date: When is Alaqua Cox's anti-hero MCU series coming to Disney+
    14. The Walking Dead's Steven Yuen quits the MCU and his purported big Marvel hero role
    15. Star Trek: Discovery's cancelation wasn't decided until after final season was filmed
    16. The Wire's David Simon talks about his return to life on the streets with Homicide spin-off graphic novel with Philippe Squarzoni
    17. Get in losers, we're going to Cinnabon for a Mean Girls roll
    1. How the team behind the Sengoku Youko anime brought the manga's style and tone to life
    2. You've seen Disney's Mickey Mouse - here are the new morbid takes popping up as Steamboat Willie enters public domain
    3. The stylish world of Metallic Rouge all started with a single image, says BONES President
    4. Blue's Clues: The star of the show was always you, according to original host Steve Burns
    5. House of Dragon: Ever wonder what it's like to ride a dragon? Matt Smith answers the burning question.
    6. Scream cast reveals their favorite scary movies
    7. Legendary composer John Williams says "everything is possible" regarding further work on films
    8. Blumhouse exec says studio unsure about Five Nights at Freddy's 2 yet, but will go full-steam on more M3GAN
    9. Godzilla Minus One's Takashi Yamazaki loves The Creator director Gareth Edwards (and the feeling's mutual)
    10. The Scream cast talk about the legacy of Scary Movie
    11. Furiosa is reportedly making a surprising Mad Max: Fury Road tie-in canon - even more than the original movies
    12. Mickey Mouse lands first post-Disney gig: a slasher movie called Mickey's Mouse Trap
    13. Andrew Scott on the dangers of AI, and what it means for actors
    1. Attack on Titan's Trina Nishimura & Bryce Papenbrook discuss a real world threat: hanger
    2. Pokemon Concierge star Non explains her character's emotional path in Netflix stop animation series